Sourcing premium apparel, as a family, for over 30 years

About Us

We are an end-to-end sourcing partner for premium global brands. ERALDA is a family run business with offices located in every country in which we manufacture; each office is led by a family member and we have over 100 employees.

We are responsible, service driven and focussed on uncompromised quality. We work with a carefully selected group of manufacturing vendors spanning Vietnam, China and Indonesia. Our product expertise are across cut and sewn garments, wovens, denims, outerwear and sweaters.

We like to partner with long term customers who appreciate our vendor’s technical skills and craftsmanship.

End to end garment production with full traceability


Product<br /> Development

Our Product Development team provides customers with all-encompassing fabric development support across Cut and Sew and Woven garments. We also provide yarn and stitch development ideas for Sweaters.

We pride ourselves in working closely with mills and fabric suppliers across Asia and Europe. We have built a special relationship with some of the finest suppliers of linen, silks, Tencel™ and cotton worldwide.

Our Commitments to Sustainability

Our Commitments to Sustainability

ERALDA is a signatory and original member of this global fashion and textile coalition committed to 3 areas; stop global warming, restore biodiversity, and protect our oceans.

Many of our suppliers work with the Higg Index. Through standardised measurement tools the Higg Index provides brands, retailers and facilities the transparency data belonging to their sustainability journey.

ERALDA Indonesia Vendors are all members of Better Work Indonesia. A partnership between the UN’s International Labour Organization and the International Finance Corporation (a member of The World Bank Group), Better Work explores means to make garment factories more environmentally friendly, whilst improving working conditions and making the garment industry sector more competitive.

A number of our mill partners are bluesign Certified. Bluesign approved fabrics offers the highest level of consumer safety by employing methods and materials in their manufacture that conserve resources and minimize impacts on people and the environment.

ERALDA are supporters and specialists in sustainable fibres such as organic cotton, organic linen and Tencel™.

ERALDA Indonesia is “zero waste to landfill” certified through Waste4Change.

Green Team

ERALDA has in each office a Green Team to accelerate and prioritise the company’s environmental activities:

  • ERALDA has achieved the elimination of single use plastics
  • We implemented 100% recycled hangers for our Product Development collection swatches for all customers
  • Now we would LOVE to assist our partners in embracing Recycled plastics for garment or poly bag usage

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